Monday, December 16, 2013

My very own DIY's for 2013!

Gold Wall Hook DIY
My husband and I made this rack from scratch (DIY)!
We used reclaimed fence board we salvaged from a neighbor.  :)
I use this rack to hang cloths and jewelry.  Very functional, very fun!

Other Home Decor DIY's

1.  Breyer Horse Bookend DIY!
2.  Light Fixture & Table Upgrade (click for links!!)
(We waited for a discount on the table at C&B)  :)
3.  Parakeet Play Area DIY!

xo. m

Monday, December 2, 2013

Visit Me on Mary Highstreet Blog

It's the Holidays, and sometimes we just need a little breather!
I will be a little slower posting on California Peach for a while,
in the mean time I will be posting some fun things to my Art Blog.
Feel free to follow me over there and enjoy some artistic inspiration!  :)

xo. & happy holidays. m

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Enchanted Forest | Nursery

Modern, preppy and delightful!
Hope this board brings a bit of joy and
inspiration to you this week!

Sleepy Fall is upon us so I decided
to use a softer color palette today.  But soft
doesn't mean boring in this case, as black accents
add a bold and modern feeling!

This board is quite whimsical and charming;
just perfect for a little daydreamer/adventure seeker.

Want to point out a few delectable goodies:

Enjoy & happy Fall!
xo. m


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Clan of the Cave Bear | Nursery

Been wanting to do a board with a black wall for a
while now, and have wanted to include a rustic and rugged
feeling too, so here it is! This room would be perfect
for a little mountain man and, although not feminine,
this room could even work for a little girl too.

bear {11}, the moccasins {19}, and the star decals {22}!

AND wouldn't this bow and arrow set go perfectly
and be entertainment galore for an older tyke!

I am also loving the style of the Allen + Roth pendant!
You can experiment with these two other versions of
the same pendant, available at Lowes: {3 Light} {7"}

Just for clarification, the title isn't referencing the book
"Clan of the Cave Bear," as I have never read it.  I just
liked the sound of it and thought it went well with the board.

The paint brand is Mythic, a non-toxic and 0 VOC choice!

Below are some other color variations:


xo. m

1.  Allen + Roth | Edison Mission Style Pendant
2.  Russian River Print
3.  Vintage Deer Antler Mounted
4.  Dwell Studio Mid-Century Crib
5.  Scythian Recurve Bow
6.  Indian Style Arrows
7.  "Free Spirit" Print
8.  "The Lord is my Strength" Canvas
9.  Black Resin Bear Head
10.  Vintage Black Re-painted Highboy
11.  The Bear Wool Plush
12.  Daddy Glider
13.  Leather Diaper Bag
14.  Wool Mountain Range
15.  Large Wooden Double Pulley
16.  Grey Antler Bib Bandana
17.  Be the Bear Organic Long Sleeve Onsie
18.  BlaBla Kids Bean Bag in Stars Grey
19.  Taupe Leather Baby Moccasins
20.  Daddy Ottoman
21.  Sage and Cream Striped Pillow
22.  Seeing Stars Decal

Friday, September 13, 2013

Call of the Wild | Nursery

Call of the Wild!  A wild and whimsical room for a baby girl!

Some highlights:  Mur Triangle Wall Stickers {28} are an awesome
way to add quick color to a wall, the Bear Mask {19} is just adorable,
the Tree Silhouette Wallpaper {22} would be a nice surprise
if used as a liner for the Ikea Mandal Dresser {26}, and finally,
the Hammock {25}, a nice way to break away from a
traditional rocking chair... not sure how comfortable/practical
it would be, but it is a fun idea!  Don't forget to check out the
other color variations below and read on for a way to make this
nursery more masculine.

If you're feeling like a DIY, spruce up the
entry by adding rustic barn doors like these:

If you are expecting a boy, you can easily make this room
masculine by experiment with adding a more neutral crib {1} {2}
or the Caravan Crib in Aqua to the boards below!


xo. m


11.  Tomahawk Plushie (Previous Item Shown from MadebyCassandraSmith)
19.  Bear Mask

Friday, September 6, 2013

Sparrow | Guest Bathroom


My Mom is re-designing her Guest Bathrooms,
so here was my idea for the main Guest Bath, designed
around a favorite of mine, the Daydream (Sparrow) Wallpaper {18}.

I hope to put the Daydream Wallpaper {18} in our hallway
or in our laundry room, I think it would liven it up a lot!

PS.  Using these wall sconces {found here}
might be a perfect match for this space!

I have given you lots of tile choices that match this bathroom design,
{2, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17}.  
The blue & marbled subway tile {2 & 11} I threw in just to mix it
up, since it matched the design and I love it!  

Let's focus on the bottom four tiles: 
{14 & 15}
These are my choices for the shower, my Mom wants a white
tub and little to no grout, so I suggested slabs of marble or marble-look
for the walls {15}.  I love awl coves!!  The Vine Mosaic {14},
which is rather expensive, would be a nice touch to the back of a small awl cove,
this idea would let you use a gorgeous mosaic, but keep the cost down!

{16 & 17}
These are my choices for the flooring - {16} being the main floor tile
and {17} being a gorgeous accent running about 2"-3" from the edge of the tile.

Those are my ideas, but feel free to stay in the palette and mix and match!

My idea for this room!

One wall with the Daydream Wallpaper {18}...

...then either one wall in "Sapphire Mist," and two in "Bright White
...all three Walls in two Tone with "Sapphire Mist" on top,
 and "Bright White" below, giving it a feeling of moulding.

Using solid blue for all walls just blah-ed
things out too much, and white seems way too clean,
so those were my solutions.

Just to mention it, if you pick a marble counter-top or wall slabs,
be sure to have it sealed and periodically seal it!  It stains,
so it can be very frustrating to use. Not to mention it's very pricy!
If you don't think marble's for you, get a marble look or go with
another material all-together, but stick to the palette.

Here's a smaller version, so you can see the overall-look better:

xo. m

12.  Towel Ring

Happy Birthday Matt & Zoe!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to my amazing husband,
Matt, and to our malti-poo Zoe!!!


Monday, July 15, 2013

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Woodland Whimsy | Bathroom

Here's a little bathroom inspiration!

Sophisticated and also playful - this whimsical
woodland bathroom would be great for kids and
grown-ups alike.

I love the rabbit wall hooks and drawer knobs from
Anthropologie {2 & 13}!  They were the primary inspiration
for this board.  Also want to point out the darling
prints {9 & 10} from Society 6 & Etsy!  Just love those!



16.  Glass Jars {link coming soon!}

Monday, May 27, 2013

Fierce and Ferocious | Living Room

I recently had a request from Regency Shop to feature a few of their items; this style board is featuring the Barcelona Chair {8}, in gorgeous black leather with a modern edge.  Modern pieces can add a streamlined and contemporary touch to any room, and are always a great way to mix up your design choices.  Don't be afraid to add a touch of modern to a traditional room, it can bring it into the 21st century and add that "something" you were looking for and might have been missing!

I love how this board turned out!  This weekend I was at Restoration Hardware, and I have always loved the atmosphere in their store:  dark values and mood lighting, oversized pieces, bold and striking design - this room has some of the same essence. Don't be afraid to use a darker wall color.  Believe it or not, dark paint colors are said to make a room feel larger.  Subdued medium and dark value colors can also be very relaxing and peaceful.  Perhaps, a quiet retreat for meditation and recharging.

xo. m


Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Spoon Full of Sugar | Nursery

A Spoon Full of Sugar, Makes the Medicine Go Down!
This sweet and whimsical nursery was inspired by the
wallpaper {10} and uses similar furniture to this board:

I LOVE the bird wallpaper {10}, but thought it might
be too overwhelming for a whole wall, so I added
the wainscot to break it up, and it looks fabulous!
Leaving large areas of this wall paper uncovered
(as see on the left) side is also a great idea,
since the paper is a piece of art in itself, let it shine!

I left the moulding {13} a natural unfinished color
to match the natural wood accent on the Oeuf Crib {7}.

Use the star wall paper {5} as an accent
for drawer liner, or use in in the closet!

Below are some cute "Birds of a Feather" Merit Badges,
that fit this room's color theme perfectly.  These badges would
be an adorable addition on onsies, especially for
twins or to sew on matching cloths/bags/backpacks for sisters!


xo. m


You Are My Sunshine | Nursery

Bright, Fun & just in time for Spring!
I was watching "O Brother Where Art Thou?"
last weekend, and some of the songs just stuck with me,
hence the title and bright sunshiny feeling.

I was also inspired by this too cute

I pretty much LOVE everything on this board!!  :)  
I want to highlight a few things:
This gorgeous crib {5}, the darling hand painted
pink dresser {12}- just LOVE the mint handles!!
The Yay Day Parade Organic Fabric {11} - super cute! 
Perfect for crib sheets, or a baby blanket,
pair it with this complementary organic fabric,
Grassy Meadow, for a charming spring feeling!

ALSO - Here's a great hamper from West Elm
that would be a dapper addition ("Oh brother..."  :) ):


xo. m

PS.  I've got a neat style board in the works,
featuring this wallpaper {Hygge & West, Daydream}!!
So stop by for more fun & inspiration next Monday!