Thursday, June 28, 2012

Little Gondolier - Baby Room

Dreaming of far away places...
"Little Gondolier" is a wonderful bedroom escape to Italy!

Whether you've been there or not, you are sure to enjoy this delicate
 and European style design.  Everyone can use a little getaway now an then,
why not travel down the canals of Italy every time you walk into the room!


2.  Vintage Fish Hooks {maybe frame these for safety!}
8.  Grey Crib

Monday, June 25, 2012

Robin Hood - Office

Just watched the new Robin Hood for the first time - with Russle Crowe!  Liked it so much I watched it back to back even, since Matt hadn't seen it with me the first time.  Matt suggested I do a Robin Hood themed room - so here it is!  

I thought an office would be fitting but you could also easily apply the same design to a Den or Living Area!


Today's Featured Artist is N.C. Wyeth - an American artist and a favorite of mine!

Read more about Wyeth here:


26.  Long Bow

Friday, June 15, 2012

Pug LaLa - Teen/College Bedroom

More Pug!!!  

My original idea to design a room around the pug plushie {12} was much softer... so I decided to create another room: elegant, chic, and a little bit preppy.  Room consists mostly of white & grey with coral accents.  Chevron and ikat patterns are a great contrast  to the white on white on white feeling.

Pale but extremely interesting!  Wall color could be white, or a very soft warm grey (as is pictured).

LOVE the wall sconce {3}, round mirror {4} AND "Pug her her Toung" Black and white Photograph {1}!  Also here's a LINK to a cute cell phone cover  that matches and was part of the inspiration!

Go Team!

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10.  White Desk
16.  Michigan College Team Flag (Other teams:  {1} {2} {3}...etc. OR DIY with Felt/Fabric!)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Love A Pug - Play Room

My brother & sister-in-law recently adopted a Pug!!!
He is such a cuuuutie-pie!  
His name is Bennett - and everything he does is just so cute!!!

So this room is for Bennett!  

Just want to point out some fun things:  LOVE the silhouettes of the kids {2} {3} & the PUG MUG {7)!  Adds really a great bold graphic feeling, especially with the rich wall color & magenta accents!  ALSO, the linen upholstered bench {10} opens up for storage!  Perfect for blankets, toys, coloring books, you name it - great way to keep clean!  Frame or mount the PUG coasters {16} for extra wall decor or use them as is!


Check it out: today you get FREEBIES!  Two downloads, PUG MUG {7}
and PUG LOVE {8}.  I created them just for you - so download them below, print, and ENJOY!

1.  Right click images below & open in new tab
2.  Enlarge image by clicking with the zoom (+) tool
3.  Drag/download to desktop




PUG MUG original size is 11 x 14 - e-mail me to request an 8 x 10, if you like that size better.  

PUG LOVE original size is 10 x 26 -  because of the odd size you may have to DIY a frame or custom frame...

{printing}  you will need to take these to a printer (like Kinkos or Staples)

{framing} my advice, go simple with a square black (or magenta!) frame about 1" width.

Love A Pug -- LINKS

7.  PUG MUG - download  *see above
8.  PUG LOVE - download * see above

Monday, June 11, 2012

A Day at the Beach - Entryway

This room is consists mostly of pale turquoise hues and whites with subtle accents of red.  This entryway was inspired partly by the french bather bust {13} and partly by a desire to create a soft color palette.

I love how it turned out and even threw in a matching belt {9}!  

I especially LOVE the natural wood/seaweed-esq feel of the driftwood pendant lamp {3} - it's very expensive, so you could DIY it if you know how to weld & have access to driftwood... use the materials described here: {} or you could request a quote at the same website!  Or, if that's still to expensive... pick a different style, just remember to keep the simple linear quality and stay natural.

A wonderful way to greet your guests, and have a little indoor seaside getaway!


19.  White Bowl

Friday, June 8, 2012

Recipe - Apple Fruit Salad

Along with making your house beautiful, it's very important to stay healthy by keeping fit & eating right.   Being Gluten Free (as well as Dairy & Soy Free) for two years, eating right is sometimes extra hard to do!  In addition to weekly Style Board inspiration, another goal for this blog is to share some of my experiences living Gluten Free as well as provide some of my favorite recipes now and then for added inspiration!

Today's recipe is for Apple Fruit Salad - 

I discovered the recipe in college and it was an instant hit!

Perfect for summer BBQ's and Pot Lucks, or even a sweet treat for a Shower!  Simple, delicious, healthy and sweet - it hits the spot every time.  


PS.  Make this recipe Gluten Free by making sure all ingredients specifically say Gluten Free!  The main allergens to look out for here would be dairy and tree nuts.

Print Ready Version:

1.  Open in a new tab (by right clicking thumbnail), then enlarge to fullest size (by clicking with zoom tool) and save to desktop

2.  Print onto cardstock, cut along the grey line, and enjoy!

(recipe card shuold print 3.5" x 5")

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Indie Love for a Girl & Bay Love for a Boy

I designed these rooms thinking about what decor I would want for my kids in the future!  Indie & Natural - I love the soft accents and playfulness of the girl's room AND in the boy's room I love the rugged yet romantic feel as well as San Francisco decor.  

For convenience, notice the same main furniture:  crib, dresser, pendant lamp, rug & mountain toy.  But change the paint color and surrounding decor for a very versatile room design!  :)  The light grey wash dresser {BL 8 & IL 12} would be very easy to DIY & save.

This room will grow with you & with your children!

I have two fine artists to recognize today: Anna-Wili Highfield & her paper sculptures {IL 1} - AMAZING artwork all done with paper, thread and lots of talent!  Also notice fine art original "Clearing" {IL 4} by artist Diana Jahns!  I work with Diana AND love everything that comes out of her studio!

Enjoy & vivre l'art!


Indie Love - for a Girl

2.  Painted Driftwood {1} {2}
10.  Teal Onsie

SF Bay Love - for a Boy

14.  Trolly Art

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Parakeet Parlor

Natural and sweet, perfect for a parakeet's abode AND for you!

We own 4 parakeets and want to re-do their room sometime soon.  So I wanted to post a style board for it!!!  Whimsical and playful this would be a great room to relax in as well as to admire the birds.  Now notice the Tree Trunk Wall might think this would not be a good idea with parakeets.  BUT we have an idea!!!  Parakeets are still pets and messy sometimes, SO to solve the problem, my husband and I are getting a 32 x 32 in sheet of acrylic which we will mount directly behind the chage to save the wallpaper!  Mount them with "stand-offs" which you can buy at your local Tap Plastics.

Whether or not you have parakeets, this would make a lovely parlor!

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Parakeet Parlor 


10.  Mid Century Walnut Dresser - Find something similar on you local Craigslist!