Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Susie's Room - Guest & Grandbaby Room

AND....drumroll please...
The lovely Guest/Grandbaby Room!

A mix of California {7}, Personal
Taste {2}{8}, and France {13}!

Love the versatility with all the storage
and two sleeping areas - the bed is a twin, 
but if you want to fit a married couple
just substitute it for a double/queen.

 See below for Other Decor, and the Ladder {10}
 and Dresser {16} DIY Tutorials!!

LOVE how it turned out!

. . . . .


. . . . .


{download to see the full size}

This is such a great storage piece!
Absolutely love the larger-than-life massive quality of it,
and how so many other types of storage can work with it!

On that note... check out this woven chest from IKEA -
We designed the dimensions of the ladder to fit
this great storage piece - you can slide it underneath!!

. . . . .

xo. m


10.  Ladder {Tutorial Above}
16.  Dresser DIY {Tutorial Above}

LINKS - Other Decor

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

STYLE BREAK - Anchors Away

I just can't resist,
here's another wardrobe board
I created on Polyvore ~

Anchors Away

Anchors Away by mhighst on Polyvore

Love the nautical theme in coral, 
turquoise, navy and gold!  

I'm thinking I'm going to have to
make a matching Room Style Board...

Comming Up: Romantic & Sweet | Guest &
Grandbaby Room - including 2 DIY tutorials!
Check back soon ~

xo. m

Monday, August 20, 2012

Safe & Sustainable - Tips for Decorating

Safety & Sustainability are a must
when decorating any room.

Here are some great tips to jump
start your research!

. . . . .
. . . . .


Just bought this book by Kim Barnouin,
and I absolutely LOVE it!  I've been slowly phasing out
unhealthy products and chemicals and replacing them
with healthier choices -

Don't let the title deter you, it's a very informative book 
- a great read with lots of helpful tips and information:

Decorating should be fun & safe too~

xo. m

Friday, August 17, 2012

Oh Deer | Living Room / Play Room

A fusion of "Young Buck" and "Little Doe"
led me to create this Living Room - it also doubles
as a Play Room for Children.

Who says you need a whole room for each area?
If you are short on space, combining the two
might just be the right thing to do!

. . . . .

Today's Featured Artist is Photographer, Katya Horner,
Read about her art & inspiration below:

. . . . .

Check out more of Katya's photography on Etsy 
via her shop Slight Clutter found {here}.

xo. m


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Little Doe | Enchanted Wood Wallpaper

Wallpaper rendition of the original, "Little Doe" {here}.

Little Choux has some very creative wallpaper -
this one is called Enchanted Wood and you can find it {here}.

LOVE how this turned out!
Maybe you could use the Woods Wallpaper {10}
for the inside of a closet - that would be so cute!

Tomorrow I've got a Living Room & Playroom
Combo with featured artist Katya Horner - 
so be sure to stop by for more deer fun,
interior design, & fine art inspiration!

. . . . .

cheerio. m


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Little Doe | Nursery / Baby Room

"Little Doe" is the Girl Version of "Young Buck"

I went with the Light Lavender version to stray from
the traditional Pink - Girl, Blue - Boy assignments.

As the title suggests, this design tends to have
a smart, sassy, and sophisticated feeling.

. . . . .

Below are two additional color versions
{L} for a soft look and {R} for a bolder look:


{L} "Whimsical and Charming | Little Doe"

Here's your traditional Girl - Pink room!

{R} "Striking Black and White | Little Doe"

I love the punches of black and hot pink, it adds
a boldness - I think it would be a neat addition
to paint the trim color black, dark grey OR hot pink!

This version of the room would be very striking.

. . . . .

Happy Decorating!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Young Buck | Enchanted Wood Wall Paper

This is the wall paper version of the 
original "Young Buck," found {here}.

Little Choux has some creative wall papers
and this one is called Enchanted Wood, found{here}.
I will definitely be using their wall paper 
again for Boards in the future!

Tomorrow I will be posting a girl version and on Thursday
I will post it again with wall paper - so check back for more fun!

. . . . .


Monday, August 13, 2012

Young Buck - Nursery / Baby Room

Bright, fun and a touch rugged! 

This nursery is the room perfect for any little man!

Having been inspired by the Painted Deer Antler {9} -
I derived the color palette from it.  Also notice the
Deer Paper Art {11} {12} - these are strait from my
own studio!  Both originals and available on Etsy!

Also, absolutely LOVE the Child Sized Deer Plushie {6}!

I've got more Deer Decor & Inspiration on the way, so be
sure to check back soon!


Here's another Young Buck
decor item you could also utilize:


Happy Decorating!



Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Narwhal Nursery | Nursery / Baby Room

This post is dedicated to my brother,
who LOVES that song and introduced it to me!

The Narwhal Necklace {4} and Plushies {3} {11}
were the inspiration for this post AND also
LOVE the Narwhal Baby Onsie {14}!

Check out the other Narwhal cuteness:

I'm on vacation next week - 
see my previous post for more information.

Happy decorating!!



Vacation - Santa Barbara Beach Wedding Attire - Couple

Hi all!

We're going on Vacation!

Check back for more inspiration on
Tuesday August 13!

. . . . .

Matt & I are wearing something similar to the above
collage - I made this on Polyvore!  Shoe Clips I found
on Etsy!  

We're going Beach Casual - Matt's wearing
the Boat Shoes & I got my shoes at Urban Outfitters.
They also have the same pair in coral - very cute!
Find all links are below.

I've got one more Style Board in the works to
post soon before I leave!  Be sure to check it out!!!

Happy Summer,