Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Little Doe | Nursery / Baby Room

"Little Doe" is the Girl Version of "Young Buck"

I went with the Light Lavender version to stray from
the traditional Pink - Girl, Blue - Boy assignments.

As the title suggests, this design tends to have
a smart, sassy, and sophisticated feeling.

. . . . .

Below are two additional color versions
{L} for a soft look and {R} for a bolder look:


{L} "Whimsical and Charming | Little Doe"

Here's your traditional Girl - Pink room!

{R} "Striking Black and White | Little Doe"

I love the punches of black and hot pink, it adds
a boldness - I think it would be a neat addition
to paint the trim color black, dark grey OR hot pink!

This version of the room would be very striking.

. . . . .

Happy Decorating!


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