Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Susie's Room - Guest & Grandbaby Room

AND....drumroll please...
The lovely Guest/Grandbaby Room!

A mix of California {7}, Personal
Taste {2}{8}, and France {13}!

Love the versatility with all the storage
and two sleeping areas - the bed is a twin, 
but if you want to fit a married couple
just substitute it for a double/queen.

 See below for Other Decor, and the Ladder {10}
 and Dresser {16} DIY Tutorials!!

LOVE how it turned out!

. . . . .


. . . . .


{download to see the full size}

This is such a great storage piece!
Absolutely love the larger-than-life massive quality of it,
and how so many other types of storage can work with it!

On that note... check out this woven chest from IKEA -
We designed the dimensions of the ladder to fit
this great storage piece - you can slide it underneath!!

. . . . .

xo. m


10.  Ladder {Tutorial Above}
16.  Dresser DIY {Tutorial Above}

LINKS - Other Decor

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