Friday, September 13, 2013

Call of the Wild | Nursery

Call of the Wild!  A wild and whimsical room for a baby girl!

Some highlights:  Mur Triangle Wall Stickers {28} are an awesome
way to add quick color to a wall, the Bear Mask {19} is just adorable,
the Tree Silhouette Wallpaper {22} would be a nice surprise
if used as a liner for the Ikea Mandal Dresser {26}, and finally,
the Hammock {25}, a nice way to break away from a
traditional rocking chair... not sure how comfortable/practical
it would be, but it is a fun idea!  Don't forget to check out the
other color variations below and read on for a way to make this
nursery more masculine.

If you're feeling like a DIY, spruce up the
entry by adding rustic barn doors like these:

If you are expecting a boy, you can easily make this room
masculine by experiment with adding a more neutral crib {1} {2}
or the Caravan Crib in Aqua to the boards below!


xo. m


11.  Tomahawk Plushie (Previous Item Shown from MadebyCassandraSmith)
19.  Bear Mask

Friday, September 6, 2013

Sparrow | Guest Bathroom


My Mom is re-designing her Guest Bathrooms,
so here was my idea for the main Guest Bath, designed
around a favorite of mine, the Daydream (Sparrow) Wallpaper {18}.

I hope to put the Daydream Wallpaper {18} in our hallway
or in our laundry room, I think it would liven it up a lot!

PS.  Using these wall sconces {found here}
might be a perfect match for this space!

I have given you lots of tile choices that match this bathroom design,
{2, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17}.  
The blue & marbled subway tile {2 & 11} I threw in just to mix it
up, since it matched the design and I love it!  

Let's focus on the bottom four tiles: 
{14 & 15}
These are my choices for the shower, my Mom wants a white
tub and little to no grout, so I suggested slabs of marble or marble-look
for the walls {15}.  I love awl coves!!  The Vine Mosaic {14},
which is rather expensive, would be a nice touch to the back of a small awl cove,
this idea would let you use a gorgeous mosaic, but keep the cost down!

{16 & 17}
These are my choices for the flooring - {16} being the main floor tile
and {17} being a gorgeous accent running about 2"-3" from the edge of the tile.

Those are my ideas, but feel free to stay in the palette and mix and match!

My idea for this room!

One wall with the Daydream Wallpaper {18}...

...then either one wall in "Sapphire Mist," and two in "Bright White
...all three Walls in two Tone with "Sapphire Mist" on top,
 and "Bright White" below, giving it a feeling of moulding.

Using solid blue for all walls just blah-ed
things out too much, and white seems way too clean,
so those were my solutions.

Just to mention it, if you pick a marble counter-top or wall slabs,
be sure to have it sealed and periodically seal it!  It stains,
so it can be very frustrating to use. Not to mention it's very pricy!
If you don't think marble's for you, get a marble look or go with
another material all-together, but stick to the palette.

Here's a smaller version, so you can see the overall-look better:

xo. m

12.  Towel Ring

Happy Birthday Matt & Zoe!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to my amazing husband,
Matt, and to our malti-poo Zoe!!!