Friday, May 29, 2015

Bungle in the Jungle

Bungle in the Jungle Nursery Baby Room Style Board

This board was inspired by the gorgeous original painting, "Cypress Trees, Cheetahs and Primula," by Artist of the Month, Michelle Morin, and the Banana Leaf Pillows.  The lush dark greens paired with the rustic wood gives this room a sophisticated feeling which is sure to grow well with your child.  The crib featured here also has a convertible option to turn it into a toddler bed.  For a similar feeling design, check out the Tiki Room design from last year.

xo. m


ART:  Keller's Jungle Killers, Vintage Photograph
ART:  Antique Toucan Art Poster by the Black Vinyl
ART:   Cypress Trees, Cheetahs and Primula by Michelle Morin
WALLPAPER:  Palm Jungle, Green Black by Cole & Son

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Arizona Inspired Master Guest Bedroom Style Board

I came up with this design for a Master or a Guest bedroom after being completely inspired by my first time visiting Arizona in early April. I feel a strong connection to Arizona and this style board, since my family has a history in Arizona. In Phoenix, we were able to travel to the sites where my dad grew up, and there was an uncanny feeling like I belonged there, an instant home away from home. I was mystified by the hot weather, the larger than I pictured Saguaro Cactus, the cotton tailed rabbits, and rocky terrain straight from Road Runner cartoons (thank you Warner Brothers). Everything is different there: completely different than California terrain. It is just like the paintings I fell in love with by Edgar Payne and like the ones pictured here by contemporary artists Bill Anton, Kevin Courter, Melinda Jose. Almost a world of it's own, unlike no other.

In addition to being inspired by our trip and my love of the Southwest depicted in paintings, it is also a calling to travel, a calling to get out. These hot dessert scenes are not just a dream, or mirage. It's absolutely unique, such gorgeous terrain that you must see for yourself! I hope you will have a chance to visit Arizona, and soon.

xo. m


ART: "Reading Sign" by Bill Anton
ART: "Transient Light, Grand Canyon" by Kevin Courter
ART: "Running Hare" Silkscreen by Melinda Josie
ART: "Horses" B&W Photograph by Lost on Purpose
Alexis Upholstered Bed
Louie XVI Dresser
Pearl Wing Chair
Samarkand Kilum Rug
Ceiling Bell Light shown in Antique Brass
10" Norwalk Sconce shown in Aged Brass
Garden City Wall Sconce shown in Solid Brass
Color Block Wall Tapestry
Bamboo-Jute Baskets
Southwestern Navy and Cream Pillow
Organic Ikat Stripe Sheets
Queen Ann Metallic Wallpaper shown in Blush
Cactus Jewelry Holder

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wild and Free

Wild and Free || Nursery Baby Room Style Board

In April we took a mini vacation to Arizona, it was my first time visiting and I was blown away by the differences in landscape and also wildlife when compared to California.  I was so inspired by the sights, that I have had it on my mind for a while to do an Arizona inspired nursery.  I have had this and two other related southwestern boards in the works for about a month and am finally getting around to sharing them.  I think this space could work well for both genders, but if pink isn't your thing, I previously posted an even more neutral southwestern nursery design you can view here and I've also go a few more designs on the way for next week!!

Lots of fun inspiration ahead!

xo. m


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Snow in Springtime

Inspiration for a Winter meets Spring Family Photo Shoot

1 || 2 || 3 || 4

We have an extended family photo shoot coming up, so I just wanted to throw together a little inspiration!  Some of the words that come to mind are:  soft, rustic, country, floral, and winter in springtime.  The weather is going to be very cold, which we were not expecting; so we had a last minute change of outfits.  It is even is supposed to snow nearby with chances of rain showers on some days, so we are hoping for a break in the rain and some sunshine on the day of the shoot.  I love the color combinations that we have thrown together, and can't wait to see how everything turns out!

Here's hoping we get to be outdoors!

xo. m

Monday, May 11, 2015

Little Camp Champ

Little Camp Champ Nursery Baby Room Style Board

This pint sized nursery really packs a wallop with it's rustic bold decor and rugged masculine camping theme.  Perfect for those of you who are working with a small space, and perhaps a smaller than desired budget too, but with just enough decor to welcome your little one in style!

Just want to point out a few things I LOVE about this board!  First, let me point out the gorgeous original fine art, "A Rock's View of No Hands Bridge," by Frank Ordaz.  Frank is a local artist currently working in Auburn, California.  We had the privilege to visit his studio space last year, something I recommend doing if your in town!  Frank's artwork is incredible, we are lucky to own a small field study like the one above.  View more of Frank's art here.  You can also read an article I wrote on my Studio Blog about Frank recently here.

Can you believe how gorgeous is this packable camping rocker from REI?!  Can't beat the price especially for the versatility; bring it with you on your next camping adventure too!  This one in particular reminds me of shooting stars.  The rocker is not the only thing that's packable here: check out the mini-crib!  The one shown here fits baby just about the whole first year, if you want it to last longer you can size up to the papa or max, all three sizes fold up for easy storage.  I love task lamps, the one used here is especially gorgeous.  The last thing I want to point out is the inspiration for this board: the absolutely gorgeous Luxury Knitted Alpaca Mountain Pillow, created by one of my favorite shops, Juniper Wilde.  You're in luck because California Peach readers receive a special 30% off discount promotion right now, when you enter the code MINILAUNCHPARTY on at checkout!

Just love this rustic mini space, hope you're inspired!

xo. m


Alma Mini Crib in Frost Grey
Knitted Alpaca Mountain Peaks Pillow - 30% off with code MINILAUNCHPARTY
Evrgrn Campfire Rocker in Charcoal Shower/Cinder

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

10 Things I am Loving

Baby Highstreet's 1st Birthday Inspiration on California Peach

hand painted constellation art

I was really having a tough week last week and then I read this post by blogger Lesley W. Graham.  I thought how nice it was and that I want to try it too!  So here's my post, inspired by hers.

10 Things I am Loving:

1.  My son's 1st birthday!!  So hard to believe it's nearly here.  At first I thought I didn't want to do anything big, but later I found myself wanting to celebrate all the hard work we put into it as new parents just as much as his being one year old - so I've started gathering a few ideas!
Sources:  G Marquee Light, Triple-Chocolate Cookies

2.  This hand painted constellation art, and well, the whole bathroom really - I just adore the bright white walls and tile paired with the darker wood.

Painting by Nathan Fowkes on his Land Sketch Blog

White Washed Planked Walls

Felt Wild Flower Wreath by the Felt Flower Shop

3.  Nathan Fowkes Land Sketch Blog and the Color & Light class I am currently taking which is taught by Nathan!

4.  White washed Planked walls!

5.  The Felt Flower Shop.  I adore this Felt Wildflower Wreath.  Yellow is the cheeriest color, I love to look at it.  It's just gorgeous being paired with the black and white stripe ribbon too.

Photographic Reference and Art of Gansters by Dean Cornwell

6.  The above reference photo paired with the painting that used it, both by Dean Cornwell.   The real kicker here is that the guys posing as the gangsters were all famous illustrators and friends of Cornwell!  (The fact that it makes me giddy makes me a total art nerd, I know.)

If you are like me and want to make this art nerd obsession official check out "Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera" and this Twitter feed, @referenceforart.  <3 <3 <3

7.  I was reminded recently of an antique store find I had to pass up a while back:  it was a vintage, completely handmade wooden horse model that an artist would use for reference.  It was a dark walnut color complete with tiny nails to hold it together and all.  Similar one here.  It was absolutely gorgeous, I wanted it both for decor and to use as reference for my own art!  Perhaps one day I will come across one again...

Dark Grey DIY Paneled Accent Wall

Zoe and Scout Dogs

8.  The above dark grey DIY paneled accent wall!!!  It's on my check list to do this in the master bedroom.

9.  My two dogs!  Zoe (short for Zoetrope (Animators anyone?)) and Scout.  Just LOVE these girls!!!

10.  Finding out an artist friend of mine had work featured on Serena and Lilly, and simply the fact that their shop carries original art for sale!!!  I love it!!!  (and I want in!)  ;)

xo. m

Monday, May 4, 2015

Artist of the Month || Michelle Morin

Cypress Trees, Cheetahs, and Primula by Michelle Morin

Three Whales by Michelle Morin

Tigers and Thistle by Michelle Morin

Botanicals No.2 by Michelle Morin

Zebra Herd and Cactus by Michelle Morin

Michelle Morin is California Peach's Artist of the Month for May!  Michelle's art has been featured in numerous Style Board designs (view those here) and we did an artist spotlight previously as well.  

Michelle's artwork is stunning!  I now follow Michelle on Instagram, and I love watching her process and getting an inside sneak peek into her studio happenings.  Above is a small selection of her gorgeous artworks.  I am very excited to be working on a few Style Board designs featuring Michelle's art that I will be sharing later this month!

Be sure to visit Michelle on her website, and on Etsy, here and here.

xo. m