Thursday, April 24, 2014

American Frontier | Baby Highstreet's Nursery

Today I am unveiling Baby Highstreet's room design!!!  

We are currently still in progress working on the room itself, but things are coming along nicely.  I will be posting pictures of the real room in June/July when the baby arrives.  So check back then for the final product!

Our goal was to create a gender neutral space (since we are waiting to find out) that embodied our taste and surround our baby with some of my favorite most inspirational fine art.  I have always been fond of Colonial Home Decor as well as American Frontier & Western Fine Art, so this board is a good blend of those things!

We set up a sound system also and plan to play a lot of Johnny Cash!

This board features fine art from Edgar Payne {7} {25} (one of my biggest inspirations as a fine artist!), Marc Davis {28}, N.C. Wyeth {24}, and myself {21} {23}!

The print of "Paul Revere's Midnight Ride" by N.C. Wyeth {24} was a gift to me from my Grandpa a long time ago, so it is very dear to my heart.  I have kept it almost 10 years and finally got a change to frame it.  I am so delighted to have it my baby's room since it means so much to me.  "Study of a Hare" {21} & "Study of Geese" {23} are two of my very own art works!!!  Both are original pencil drawings that I been storing for a while and finally was able to frame them.  

The vintage Coca-Cola Crate {10} we picked up here locally at an antique store (Etsy is a great place to pick one up if you would like one for yourself).  Loving the Organic Southwestern Pillow {4}, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Sleeping Bunny Mischa Pillow by AllWildCo {5}!!!  It is even more darling in person, and one of the best perks is that it is organic too!!!  These days I can't get enough of Freshly Picked Moccasins {26} AND Olive & Andrew's crib sheets {27} absolutely love the Forest Trees Pattern especially!

I have always wanted a Colonial style Eagle Mirror {14}, still haven't picked one up yet, but I hope to some day.

Lots to do still in the baby room.  I'm hoping my energy will surface once again so we can get a move on!  Be sure to revisit the Blog in June/July for photos of the finished room!!

Don't forget to check out page 2 (below) as well!

Check out my pinboard for added inspiration!

Looking forward to welcoming Baby Highstreet!!

xo. m



*can be made organic on request