Thursday, April 30, 2015

Once Upon A Cloud

Once Upon a Cloud Inspired Shared Space Style Board

Claire Keane is our Artist of the Month for April!  (Read our Artist of the Month post featuring Claire here.)  Claire is a Children's Book Illustrator and recently published her debut picture book, Once Upon a Cloud!  Being a big fan of Claire's work, I picked up a copy right away.  Let me tell you, it is fabulous cover to cover!

Above is my design of a shared room inspired by the book.  My favorite touch was adding the red dresses that are a close match to the one Celeste wears in the book.  With Spring in full bloom and Mother's Day coming up, this book would be a great read to introduce your children to the idea of giving gifts!

Once Upon a Cloud Children's Book by Claire Keane

If you haven't already I recommend picking up a copy, it's just a delightful story for children with equally delightful illustrations!

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14.  Bijou Rug
WALLPAPER:  Stars Lavender

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Artist from History | Eugene Grasset

Continuing with our 19th & 20th c. Artists from France today with artist Eugene Grasset (1845-1917).  Grasset was a pioneer of the Art Nouveau movement along with recently featured artist Alphonse Mucha, Eugene Grasseat's work covered a variety of art disciplines: furniture, tapestries, ceramics, even jewelry and most prominently graphic design and poster art.  He became a teacher later in life for a variety of schools in France, and even brought the Art Nouveau movement to America having published a variety of covers for Harpers Magazine and more.  Grasset also created his own lettering which later was turned into a font, "Grasset."  His work is said to be influenced by Japanese art, of which I do recognize likenesses to Hokusai and Hiroshige which can be seen in the dark outlines and flat graphic quality in Grasset's work.

. . .

To learn more about Eugene Grasset read his Wiki Article, and view his WikiArt page.  

Additionally, a few of his original works are currently on display in California at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento.  They are part of the Toulouse Lautrec Exhibition, which ends Sunday. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

#ifmyhousewasanartpiece || The Golden Gate Bridge by Calvin Liang

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The Golden Gate Bridge by Calvin Liang

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Janette Maclean front hall

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The Golden Gate Bridge by Calvin Liang

Get the look of Calvin Liang's "The Golden Gate Bridge" with dark rustic wood tones, light cloud-like walls, pops of red and vintage decor.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

DIY Dog Door Ramp

DIY Dog Door Ramp

We designed, built and installed this Dog Door Ramp to use with our SureFlap Dog Door a while ago and finally got around to editing the pictures.  Since the interior of our house is higher than the exterior, we needed a cute and functional ramp to get the dogs down safely.  Of course it took some training get them used to it, but in no time they learned to run out the door and down the ramp (especially if the neighbor dog is out)!

DIY Dog Door Ramp

DIY Dog Door Ramp

DIY Dog Door Ramp

DIY Dog Door Ramp

DIY Dog Door Ramp

I have been wanting to dip something for a while, and I thought, why not dip the ramp and legs?!  I LOVE how it turned out!  It kind of has a beach house feeling to it, perhaps we should hang a couple mini surf boards over it for decor.  Just for reference have two small dogs that weigh 9lbs and 12lbs.  We designed the slanted railing since they would just jump off the top of the ramp after getting out, and it fixed the problem.  We stopped the railing short of the end so it would show off the dipped blue end.

DIY Dog Door Ramp & Scout

Scout - DIY Dog Door Ramp

DIY Dog Door Ramp with Dogs Scout and Zoe

We love it and Scout and Zoe give two paws up!!!

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Artist of the Month - Claire Keane

Pisces by Claire Keane

Merry Christmas by Claire Keane

Stray Birds by Claire Keane

Peck 'n Paw by Claire Keane || Artist of the Month on California Peach || Illustrator, Illustrations, Chidren's Book, Claire Keane, Artist, Art, Disney, Tangled, Rapunzel, Concept Art, Concept Artist, Visual Development, VisDev, Artist of the Month, Interior Design, Home Decor, Decor,
Illustration for Peck 'N Paw by Claire Keane

Tangled Concept Art by Claire Keane
Tangled Concept Art by Claire Keane

Frozen Concept Art by Claire Keane
Frozen Concept Art by Claire Keane

April's Artist of the Month is Illustrator and Visual Development Artist, Claire Keane!  Claire is currently a Children's Book Illustrator and just published her debut picture book in March of this year, Once Upon a Cloud.  Previously, she worked with Walt Disney Animation Studios on recent films, Tangled & Frozen.  Claire comes from a lineage of famous artists: daughter to famous animator for Disney, Glen Keane, and granddaughter of Bill Keane the artist behind the famous comic strip The Family Circus.

As you can see, Claire's work is completely whimsical and intricately detailed.  You can find prints of Claire's work for sale here.  Additionally, I just adore the cartoons she has been posting recently of her family!

Be sure to visit Claire on her Website!

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