Thursday, April 2, 2015

Artist of the Month - Claire Keane

Pisces by Claire Keane

Merry Christmas by Claire Keane

Stray Birds by Claire Keane

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Illustration for Peck 'N Paw by Claire Keane

Tangled Concept Art by Claire Keane
Tangled Concept Art by Claire Keane

Frozen Concept Art by Claire Keane
Frozen Concept Art by Claire Keane

April's Artist of the Month is Illustrator and Visual Development Artist, Claire Keane!  Claire is currently a Children's Book Illustrator and just published her debut picture book in March of this year, Once Upon a Cloud.  Previously, she worked with Walt Disney Animation Studios on recent films, Tangled & Frozen.  Claire comes from a lineage of famous artists: daughter to famous animator for Disney, Glen Keane, and granddaughter of Bill Keane the artist behind the famous comic strip The Family Circus.

As you can see, Claire's work is completely whimsical and intricately detailed.  You can find prints of Claire's work for sale here.  Additionally, I just adore the cartoons she has been posting recently of her family!

Be sure to visit Claire on her Website!

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