Monday, May 27, 2013

Fierce and Ferocious | Living Room

I recently had a request from Regency Shop to feature a few of their items; this style board is featuring the Barcelona Chair {8}, in gorgeous black leather with a modern edge.  Modern pieces can add a streamlined and contemporary touch to any room, and are always a great way to mix up your design choices.  Don't be afraid to add a touch of modern to a traditional room, it can bring it into the 21st century and add that "something" you were looking for and might have been missing!

I love how this board turned out!  This weekend I was at Restoration Hardware, and I have always loved the atmosphere in their store:  dark values and mood lighting, oversized pieces, bold and striking design - this room has some of the same essence. Don't be afraid to use a darker wall color.  Believe it or not, dark paint colors are said to make a room feel larger.  Subdued medium and dark value colors can also be very relaxing and peaceful.  Perhaps, a quiet retreat for meditation and recharging.

xo. m