Thursday, March 26, 2015

I Heart Flamingos

I Heart Flamingos Nursery Style Board

   We love to visit the Zoo, last time we were there the light on the flamingos was incredible!     Hence the reason for a flamingo inspired Style Board.

Pink with a touch of navy and a few sophisticated details; this nursery would be perfect for any little lady.  This nursery features gorgeous abstract art {1} by California Peach's Artist of the Month, Diana Jahns!  View Diana's portfolio for more amazing artwork that would be a wonderful addition to any nursery or interior space.  This spunky nursery design would work great for a small space, or add more fun flamingo details for a larger room:  

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Artist from History | Claud Monet

I've been featuring late 20th c. artists lately.  I LOVE featuring artists who worked in the same time period together.  Today's 19th c. artist is Claud Monet (1840-1926).   These are the images of Monet that I am particularly drawn to.  Monet's mastery of light is evident in his work.  He is famous for painting the same scene multiple times and at multiple times of day, both to experience and to portray different lighting situations.  Monet's paintings of Rouen Cathedral is the perfect example, it has over 24 versions listed on WikiArt, and Monet's Haystack paintings are another example.  The dedication, stamina and patience that painting the same scene over and over again is inspiring to me as an artist.  It is also both a wonderful example and a beneficial exercise for the painter of how to study and learn about light.

If you have a chance to visit France, I recommend viewing Monet's work at the Musée de l'Orangerie (pictured above), and the Muse d'Orsay both of which I have had the pleasure to visit.  Additionally, the largest collection of his work is housed at the Musée Marmottan Monet.

. . .

Read more about Monet on Wikipedia, and view more work on WikiArt.

Visit the Studio Blog for fun Monet Inspiration for Littles!!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Storage Solutions for Littles

Storage Solutions for Littles

Above are some fun storage solutions for littles!  I don't know about you, but I LOVE storage baskets and bins!  They are so convenient to hide away clutter and keep it organized.  That being said, they are especially good for kids rooms.  Smaller bins could be used for pacifiers and paci clips, teethers, small toys, grooming items, diapers, etc.   Larger bins are great for large toys, stuffed animals, legos, clean clothes or laundry and everything in between!

I thought it would be nice to gather a few different storage ideas together in one place.  I tried to represent a range from feminine to gender neutral to masculine and a variety of styles.  Just dying over the Pink Ombre Paper Basket!  Hope you are able to gather some good ideas for your storage needs!

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Wednesday Inspiration | Alphonse Mucha

Today's inspiration is Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939).  A decorative artist and painter best known for his Poster Art and his Art Nouveau style.  Most of us are familiar with Mucha's Fem Fatales but some of his other subjects are just as spectacular if not even more so.  Thus, I wanted to showcase a few of his lesser known works.  Mucha has a distinct style.  In the top two works, the bold graphic outlines silhouette the figures against the bold pattern play.  They are adorned with ornaments and treated with a royal color palette.  These are the ones we recognize most.  The bottom three are not as often acknowledged.  They are much more soft, whymsical and illustrative.  They nod to the spiritual both in subject matter and in titles.  The main characters are contemplative, and their visions of supernatural figures dominate the scenes.  I especially admire these lesser known works.  Additionally, as seen in a few of the images here, I love the cropping in Mucha's work; it is much like that of a diptych or triptych that would hang at the front of a church.

Almost unbelievable, but right now at the Toulouse Lautrec Exhibit at the Crocker, there is one artwork hanging by Mucha!  I'd never seen an original Mucha before, I was starstruck and soaked the experience in, what an opportunity!  The piece was highly detailed and polished: absolutely wonderful!  I know you are wondering why it is hanging at the Toulouse Lautrec exhibit, but one aim of the exhibit is to showcase other artists that painted during the same time period as Lautrec, that aspect of the show is completely fascinating!  I highly recommend visiting to see the work in person yourself, as well as to gain insight about a variety of artists who painted during the same time period.

Read more about Alphonse Mucha here and on his WikiArt page.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

I Paint - A Mini Studio

I Paint a Mini Studio Style Board

This year I want to focus in part on Mini Studio Spaces - basically art and creation spaces for littles! I've got lots more fun coming up!!  Be sure to visit the right hand column for a quick link to all "Studio Mini" spaces!  

Artists, even young ones, need a creative space to work.  Hanging inspiring around the workspace is a good idea and helps motivate and build the enthusiasm about art & art creation.  The Artists featured here are:  Britt Bass Turner {2}, Jane Rovers {6}, Heather Mettra {5}, Lullie Wallace {8}, Laura Johnston {4} and two cards from Rifle Paper Co. {9 & 11}!  I adore each and everyone one of these artists & their works, and I've added them all to the California PeachTM Featured Artist Page!!  These artworks are the perfect decor for a budding artist & sophisticated youngster, ones that you can enjoy too!

This room was inspired by the Strut Shelving System {10} from Souda, New York; love the simple contemporary design, raw wood, and blue accent!  The Strut System comes in a variety of other colors including copper!  Just want to point out a few useful art related things I also included in the Style Board:  The Art Storage Box {7} would be a clean way to hide away older creations, this Metal Clip System {14} is great for drying or displaying art - OR - use this Washi Tape and  Dispenser {12} to stick art directly to walls!  Finally, the Ceramic Jar {13} with a chalk sign would be a nice way to hold paint brushes OR it could be used for brush cleaning water.  If you child is more of a crafter, it could also be nice for storing craft supplies.  Once you have put all this together for your little one, you can encourage your child with this darling card {9} that they can display on the shelf later!

This room makes for a quirky and hip Mini Studio!

xo. m


2.  "Wild Thang" by Britt Bass Turner
4.  "Le Bearcat No. 50" Totem by Lauren Johnston
5.  "Wandering But Not Lost" by Heather Mettra
6.  "Memories of Summer" by Jane Rovers
8.  "Flowers for Addison" by Lullie Wallace
10.  Strut Shelving System (shown in Light Blue)
11.  "New York" Card
14.  DEKA Curtain Wire (Metal Clip System)

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Featured Artist | Diana Jahns

Causeway Stretch by Diana Jahns
Causeway Stretch

Clearing by Diana Jahns

Olive Trees by Diana Jahns
Olive Trees

River Delta by Diana Jahns
River Delta

Abstract Pastel Painting Drawing by Diana Jahns

Spring Comes to Winters by Diana Jahns

Today's Featured Artist is Diana Jahns!  I have had the pleasure to work with Diana, she is an inspiration to me both as an artist and as an art collector.  I am captivated by her landscape work, a few of which are featured above.  Even this traditional subject, landscape, she approaches in a completely contemporary way: all of these works seem to have an abstract feeling to them.  Her art is delightful and masterful.  I am especially drawn in by the light, color, and application of texture.  The last painting, "Spring Comes to Winters," is phenomenal, and can be viewed at UC Davis Center for Companion Animal Health.  I'm very proud to have Diana Jahn's art in my own collection, including: prints, photographs and an original pastel drawing!  Diana's current portfolio is focused on abstract art and she is also an accomplished photographer!  Diana has been chosen as Artist of the Month for March 2015!!!  See the left hand column for the award and a quick link to her Featured Artist Page all month long!  I have featured Diana in numerous Style Boards (see below), and keep your eye out because I know I will be featuring her work again soon!

. . .

Diana has a studio space at Verge Center for the Arts in downtown Sacramento.  

Visit Diana on her Website, on Etsy here and here, on Blog and on Facebook!

featuring DIANA JAHN'S ART



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