Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bright California | Nursery -- For a Boy

This post is complementary to the previous one: {Bright California for a Girl}

A few highlights:

ABSOLUTELY LOVING the two fitted crib sheet bedding prints in Forest Trees {5} & Swiss Cross {7} (which are available on Etsy and you can request they be made organic by contacting the seller).  Anything by Diana Jahns {14} would look great in this nursery!  Also loving the bright Alphabet Art Print {1}. These gorgeous photographs taken in California {2} & {13} are a great touch!  Try adding some of your own too!  A fun idea is to use Washi Tape to stick personal photographs directly to the walls without using frames.

More nursery fun coming up!  I have two more ideas that we created for our baby, but decided not to use.  Both are super sweet and unique ideas!!!  You won't want to miss these!

(Pinboard for added inspiration)

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6.  Caravan Crib + DIY paint color -- Mythic Silver Blue

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