Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Spoon Full of Sugar | Nursery

A Spoon Full of Sugar, Makes the Medicine Go Down!
This sweet and whimsical nursery was inspired by the
wallpaper {10} and uses similar furniture to this board:

I LOVE the bird wallpaper {10}, but thought it might
be too overwhelming for a whole wall, so I added
the wainscot to break it up, and it looks fabulous!
Leaving large areas of this wall paper uncovered
(as see on the left) side is also a great idea,
since the paper is a piece of art in itself, let it shine!

I left the moulding {13} a natural unfinished color
to match the natural wood accent on the Oeuf Crib {7}.

Use the star wall paper {5} as an accent
for drawer liner, or use in in the closet!

Below are some cute "Birds of a Feather" Merit Badges,
that fit this room's color theme perfectly.  These badges would
be an adorable addition on onsies, especially for
twins or to sew on matching cloths/bags/backpacks for sisters!


xo. m


You Are My Sunshine | Nursery

Bright, Fun & just in time for Spring!
I was watching "O Brother Where Art Thou?"
last weekend, and some of the songs just stuck with me,
hence the title and bright sunshiny feeling.

I was also inspired by this too cute

I pretty much LOVE everything on this board!!  :)  
I want to highlight a few things:
This gorgeous crib {5}, the darling hand painted
pink dresser {12}- just LOVE the mint handles!!
The Yay Day Parade Organic Fabric {11} - super cute! 
Perfect for crib sheets, or a baby blanket,
pair it with this complementary organic fabric,
Grassy Meadow, for a charming spring feeling!

ALSO - Here's a great hamper from West Elm
that would be a dapper addition ("Oh brother..."  :) ):


xo. m

PS.  I've got a neat style board in the works,
featuring this wallpaper {Hygge & West, Daydream}!!
So stop by for more fun & inspiration next Monday!


Monday, April 1, 2013

Little Buckaroo | Nursery

I'm in a Western sort of mood, Yeehaw!

This baby room is sure to brighten your day with the
loud orange and green accents!  I LOVE the color palette here
as well as the print "Up the Trail" {14), and the reclaimed 
Breyer Horse book end {9}!  Giddy-up Cowboy!  

Bold shapes & stripes {5}, {6}, & {10} make for
a graphic and modern feeling.  Full of great art, and the
Wild West, this room will be perfect for your little Buckaroo! 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Don't forget to read about featured artist, 
Maynard Dixon {15} below!

xo. m


8.  Soho Crib