Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Muybridge Living Room

Eadweard Muybridge

For the Memorial Day Holiday, I was able to tour the Sacramento Music Festival - it takes place in Old Sacramento.  Along with all the fabulous music, we also had the opportunity to briefly visit the California State Railroad Museum.  They were showing a special exhibition of California fruit crate art & had also reserved a section in their museum store for photographer Eadweard Muybridge and Leland Stanford. 

Being an artist I am very familiar with Muybridge, and use his photographic work to study motion, animals, and the human figure!  At the museum, after reading more about the history and his connection to Stanford, I was inspired to design a Muybridge living room!  

The artifacts and artwork are inspired by the history:

It was 1872, and contrary to popular belief the Governor of California, Leland Stanford, had a theory that horses have all feet off the ground at one particular moment in their stride!  Stanford was a businessman and racehorse owner and hired Muybridge to photograph race horses in stride to validate his belief.  Sure enough, that same year Muybridge shot a series of negatives that proved Stanford's theory to be correct!  Through their monumental discovery they changed the way spectators thought and how future artists would depict a horse's gait.

Muybridge's discovery and his invention of the zoopraxiscope (a way to view the images) was also a stepping stone for cinematography!

Hope you enjoy this Muybridge inspired living room!



Saturday, May 26, 2012

UP Inspired Nursery

UP inspired nursery

If you didn't know it already, PIXAR headquarters resides in California!  I had the chance to tour Pixar Animation Studios since a friend from college was working there, and it was AMAZING!!!  UP happened to be the current pre-production artwork on display at the time, so I was able to see the 3D models and pre-production sketches, designs, and color boards!!  I also had the pleasure to meet AUSTIN MADISON who currently works at Pixar and is a Sacramento, CA local!   We met at the Sacramento State Fair in 2010 where I was teaching Character Drawing at Stage Nine Entertainment's "Get Animated" Exhibit and he taught the audience how to animated a bouncing ball AND then turned it into Mike Wazowski!  It was so great!

This nursury comes to you inspired by my love of animation AND the Disney-Pixar movie, UP.  Complete with adventure, an authentic & iconic LUXO lamp, Kevin & Dug look-alike dolls, and vintage airplane & blimp posters!  

Perfect for any little ADVENTURER!

Adventure is out there!



1.  UP House Art
2.  Kevin Doll
3.  LUXO Lamp
4.  Flight Contraptions Vintage Poster
5.  Blimp Vintage Poster
6.  Airplane Prop
7.  "An Adventure Awaits" Art Poster
9.  OEUF Sparrow Crib
10.  World Globe
11.  Transatlantic Fliers 1920's Print
12.  UP House with Balloons Photograph
13.  Dug Doll
14.  Chrome Airplane Clock - Vintage
15.  3D Hot Air Balloon Banner
16.  Grape Soda Pin
17.  Paradise Falls Poster
18.  Nursery Works Empire Rocker
19.  Doll House
20.  Vintage Cast Iron Airplane Toy

Disney Pixar's UP - Feebies!!!

Disney-Pixar UP


Right after the movie UP came out, my mind got to wondering...at the time I was still in art school and very much into pop-up 3D art, so I searched for "pop-up" Up House and found one!!!  I was so excited, so I printed, cut, and assembled it!  I use photo paper, and it came out AMAZING!!

I hung it in my college bedroom and still have it to this day!  I punched a small hole in the top side so it hangs slightly off-kilter to make it look like the house is taking off into the sky!  

It would be a perfect addition to the any UP inspired room - and I thought this would be the perfect thing to share as a great Freebie you can make to add to the UP Inspired Nursery I am about to post!

Click titles to link to the printable!





Happy cutting!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Peachy-Keen Baby Room

Peachy-Keen baby room

Everything's just "Peachy-Keen" in the adorable little baby room.  For my first room design, I felt it was more than appropriate to create a room inspired by my LOGO - California Peach!

This baby room is both Peachy & Californian.  I love the San Francisco accents here:  growing up in the bay area, I wanted to pay homage to my home town!  Simple & Sweet this room's color theme is in Peaches, Teal & White with linnen accents! 

{In keeping with the theme, I definitly want to do more california inspired rooms & nursuries - so look out for those every now and then!}

Hope you enjoyed this first post from www.california-peach.blogspot.com!

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18.  Rocker

Welcome to California Peach!

Welcome to www.california-peach.com!

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