Friday, May 25, 2012

Peachy-Keen Baby Room

Peachy-Keen baby room

Everything's just "Peachy-Keen" in the adorable little baby room.  For my first room design, I felt it was more than appropriate to create a room inspired by my LOGO - California Peach!

This baby room is both Peachy & Californian.  I love the San Francisco accents here:  growing up in the bay area, I wanted to pay homage to my home town!  Simple & Sweet this room's color theme is in Peaches, Teal & White with linnen accents! 

{In keeping with the theme, I definitly want to do more california inspired rooms & nursuries - so look out for those every now and then!}

Hope you enjoyed this first post from!

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18.  Rocker


  1. Great colors! Really creamy and soft.

    Might wanna use shorter links though. You could make the name of the product itself into a link, and it would make things more compact.

    1. Thank you!!!! {for the comment & the tid-bit!} Great idea! Just used on the next post. :) Much better!!

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  3. Love it! Great items! Thanks so much for featuring my spider mums photo!


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