Friday, May 25, 2012

Welcome to California Peach!

Welcome to!, about and on the horizons:

1.  Interior Design from a Fine Art Perspective

2.  Featuring Designs Inspired by Fine Artists, both past and present.

3.  Featuring Designs with Various Styles & for any Interior Space

4.  Offering Clients a way to visualize a room and or artwork in a room through Custom "Style Boards"

5.  Offering Clients room organization layout Tips and Advice.

6.  Offering Clients Unified Designs and easy links to all items to ease ability to make this room a reality!

7.  Providing Extras and Tid-Bits:
- Designing Californian Style Interiors
-Recipies from my Kitchen (also allergen friendly!)
- Freebies and Giveaways
- Budget Saving Tips
- DIY Projects
- and MORE TO COME!!!  :)

{affiliated with Mary Highstreet Studios}

Please see the ABOUT section for more about!

Thanks & hope you enjoy dreaming & designing with me!


  1. Love this Mary! Guess what, that is almost EXACTLY what we are going for in our nursery! LOVE! So excited to see more of what you come up wiht. you are so creative.

    Rebecca Keizer

    1. Hi Rebecca! Thank you!!! I am so encouraged by everyone's responses and super excited to keep posting designs! CUTE, I can't wait to see you're nursery!!! Hopefully some of the design ideas can give you more ideas! Did you see the ducky wall hook? Loved that. :) Def. send me pictures once you've got things all set up & if you aren't opposed we could even post them up here as a Real Nursery! I'm hoping Sarah might let me post pics of Whit's 1st B-Day party! My mom showed me pics, pretty creative and so adorable! Hope all is well - blessings & prayers for July!!!-Mary


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