Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday Inspiration | Edgar Payne

Hills of Lavender by Edgar Payne

Hills of Lavender

Mountain Art Painting by Edgar Payne

Cole Canyon by Edgar Payne

Cole Canyon

Sunset, Canyon de Chelly by Edgar Payne

Sunset, Canyon de Chelly

Arizona Mesa by Edgar Payne

Arizona Mesa

Eternal Surge by Edgar Payne

Eternal Surge

The Matterhorn by Edgar Payne

The Matterhorn

Today is I'm featuring, quite possibly, my most favorite painter of all time:  Edgar Alwin Payne!

The genre: landscape painting.   As you can see Edgar Payne was a master of color and light!  Payne  is known for his paintings from all over the world: having painted The Matterhorn, throughout much of Europe, scenes of the Southwest, and even including a large body of work from California.  His paintings of California's rolling hills, snow capped mountains, vast oceans and iconic trees capture the essence of California perfectly.  The works from around the world inspire me to visit, and perhaps paint, the same places.   The idea of traveling and painting, as Payne did, through California, the US, and throughout Europe is idyllic and extremely romantic: an artists dream.

I was so fortunate to see an exhibition of his work in 2013, and experience I will never forget.  Seeing his work first hand was incredible, the light emanates from pieces as if you are seeing the same scene or sunset first hand.  A majority of his works are very large, each more than a few feet across.  The grander of the work, his large impressionistic brush strokes, and the subject leave you in awe.   This is the kind of work you can enjoy close up, and take a step back and it's a completely different experience viewing it from far away.  Close-up, the work is very abstract as if you're looking at a new painting every time you move your eyes to a new spot on the canvas.  The works left me in awe not only of his painting ability, but of God's creation.

The instructional book he wrote, "Composition of Outdoor Painting," is an invaluable resource and reading it is almost like talking with the painter himself!  Additionally, the book, "Edgar Payne the Scenic Journey," is an awesome compilation of his life and work (we picked a copy up at the Exhibit of his work at the Crocker Art Museum in 2012).

Edgar Alwin Payne (1883-1947)

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Contemporary Colonial | Nursery

With the dark black walls, this Colonial style room is jettisoned into the 21st Century!  It is very similar to this room + style board I created for my son's nursery last year, since this was the first version I made for him, but went another direction.  I want to point out the two art pieces shown here:  Bears by Marc Davis (also featured here and here), and "Cole Canyon (Arizona)" by Edgar Payne, two of the greats!!  Be sure to check out today's "Get the Look" & "Color Palettes with the Masters" posts too!

I've got a lot planned the blog this week, so please stop by again for Art inspiration + more!!

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More colonial decor on my Pinboard here:


4.  Cole Canyon (Arizona) by Edgar Payne

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#ifmyhousewasanartpiece || Packing In by Edgar Payne

If you like this...

Packing In by Edgar Payne Fine Art

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Rustic Interior Decor

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"Get the Look" of Edgar Payne's "Packing In!"  Rustic with browns, blues, and snowcapped mountains.

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Color Palettes with the Masters | Cole Canyon (Arizona) by Edger Payne

A new series I'm starting - Color Palettes with the Masters!

This Monday's Palette is from "Cole Canyon" (Arizona) by Edgar Payne.  Just wanted to pull out some of the main colors here, I'll be doing different patterns of color every time to keep things interesting.  

Today's all about Edgar Payne, two more posts on the way!!

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Get the Look | Packing In by Edgar Payne

If you like this...

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"Get the Look" of Edgar Payne's "Packing In!"  Rustic with browns, blues, and snowcapped mountains.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

DIY Reading Nook & Mini-Closet with Barn Door

Reading Nook & Mini-Closet with Barn Door DIY!!!

Just wanted to share a DIY we did last year in Baby Highstreet's "American Frontier" Nursery.

. . . . . . . .

When we were putting together our son's baby last year, I was so tired of the boring and non-functional white door closet space (you know what I'm talking about).  So Matt and I came up with a clever DIY way to open up the space into a Reading Nook & a Mini-Closet Space, both good-looking and much more functional!  In the old closet things would just sit in piles, but this one has custom shelving so everything is organized and easy to access!  Plus, I have always wanted a barn door, and was so excited that my husband was able to built this one for us.  We made a bench space on the left for reading, but if you want something a little different: this mini table or desk, this chair AND this storage fits perfect and makes for an awesome craft or work space!

Check out all that storage space!  These white boxes are from IKEA and are a wonderful inexpensive way to organize!  Wood hangers and these closet dividers really add a finished feeling, and I LOVE how my Travel Crib, Honest Co. Diaper Bag and The Collective Baby Jogger Stroller can fit!  I made sure to plan room for those things, since I didn't want them just sitting around the house somewhere.

The Book Shelf is from IKEA (low budget nursery anyone?), and it looks fabulous!  I loved "styling" it and used these Feather Fabric Storage Baskets to organize just about everything:  from binky clips to pacifiers to shoes and blankets, it's all organized and out of sight!

Just adore the Grand Canyon Poster and the Swing Arm Sconce that adorn the nook and really go above and beyond form+function!

At the bottom of the shelving we stored our blankets, rolled up neatly.  The larger quilted blankets are on the left & the swaddling blankets are on the right side.  Again, love these gorgeous Feather Fabric Baskets by SplendidLoveShop.

What little kid doesn't love a rubber band gun?  And it is perfect for our American Frontier theme!  Loving the mirror which is the perfect place to display baby's first shoes!

The closet is so perfect, both gorgeous and functional - a special thanks to my husband who built it all!

Hope you enjoyed our Nursery Closet Upgrade!!!
Perhaps you can use the layout and DIY your old closet space into a cute and functional reading nook / mini-closet for your littles!!!

xo. m

. . . . . . . .

Visit California Peach for the item links:

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday Inspiration | Anderson Design Group

Grand Canyon National Park by Anderson Design Group

by Anderson Design Group

Today's Inspiration is National Parks Poster Art by Anderson Design Group!

The above poster of the Grand Canyon is featured in Baby Highstreet's "American Frontier" Nursery, in the Reading Nook.  I absolutely love it!  These posters are so iconic with a Vintage American Poster Art vibe.  The colors are bold and striking, not to mention the awesome subject matter: America's National Parks!  

I'll be posting the DIY details of Baby Highstreet's Reading Nook tomorrow!!!  You'll see just how we used the the Grand Canyon Poster!  Below is a small selection of the many National Park posters they offer - there are so many gorgeous ones to choose from:

Bryce Canyon National Park by Anderson Design Group

by Anderson Design Group

Great Smokey Mountains:  Mama and Bear Club by Anderson Design Group

by Anderson Design Group

Yosemite National Park by Anderson Design Group

by Anderson Design Group

. . . . . . . .

Be sure to stop by Anderson Design Group for more iconic Poster Art!

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Baby Highstreet's Room on Project Nursery!!

Baby Highstreet's "American Frontier" Nursery is up on Project Nursery today!!

Visit  Mary Highstreet Blog for the link & a selection of my favorite images!

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Monday, January 19, 2015

#ifmyhousewasanartpiece || Edgar Degas L'etoile

If you like this...

L'etoile [La danseuse sur la scene]
The Star [Dancer on Stage]

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Get the Look: Edgar Degas L'etoile

{If you like this}

L'etoile [La danseuse sur la scene]
The Star [Dancer on Stage]

. . . . . . . . .

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Swan Lake

A very sweet and serene room for a baby girl!

 I'm just in love with this gorgeous swan inspired baby room style board!   The soft muted colors with gold accents, classic tapestry-like textures and classical/traditional artworks give this room an elegant old-world feeling.  I got the idea for the orb pendant {13} from this image.   I would definitely recommend moving the crib away from the wall a couple feet if you're going to hang the large angel wings {3} behind it, and no matter what, have them out of reach and well secured to the wall.  Isn't that Cast Iron Crib {4} just gorgeous?!  As a bonus it can be displayed 3 ways!  It can also grow with your child: using this kit, it can be used to upgrade it to a toddler/day bed!  These adorable swan plushies, here and here, would go so well!

These leggings match the gorgeous swan fabric {9}.  I love the idea of baby ballet shoes!  We always thought baby shoes were so silly, but they when the socks came flying off, we started using them to keep the socks on!  I especially love these baby ballet slippers: {1} {2} {3} {4} {5}  AND this shop has a lot to choose from.

Just wanted to point out the stunning print of a classical art piece, "The Threatened Swan" {12}.  On this website you can zoom in and see the minute details (artists dream!!) as well as read about the history!

Page 2 is just another view or wall of this room.  It could also be used as play space inspiration and, with or without kids, it could double as a gorgeous entryway!

xo. m


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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wednesday Inspiration | Michelle Morin

Spring by Michelle Morin

by Michelle Morin

Cactus Trio by Michelle Morin
by Michelle Morin

Single Ladies by Michelle Morin

by Michelle Morin

Pelican Heron and Crane by Michelle Morin

by Michelle Morin

Seven Whales Stacked by Michelle Morin

by Michelle Morin

Engelmann's Hedgehog Cactus by Michelle Morin

by Michelle Morin

Today's inspiration is artist Michelle Morin of United Thread on Etsy.  I just adore her work: the intricate details, vibrant colors, diverse color palette, the subject matter, and the unique textures and patterns!  I love that she has originals for sale in her Etsy shop (one of which is the first picture featured, "Spring").  I think my absolute favorite here, although so very hard to choose, is the last painting, "Engelmann's Hedgehog Cactus."  The softness of the cacti as well as the bright color pops just draw me in!  I love the speckled texture too!  What an inspiring artist!!

Read more about Michelle, her art, and process here.

. . . . . . . .

I featured the below painting, "Ostriches" by Michelle, in two nursery Style Boards here and here on my Interior Design blog, California Peach, in 2013 (I am in the process of moving Interior Design Boards like those right here to my Fine Art Blog!  Read here.)  I also featured another piece of hers, "5 Whales Stacked," on a Narwhal Nursery Board.

by Michelle Morin

Aren't these works fabulous?!  I really hope you take a look!  I'll have to do a Friday post on this, but I feel if there is an artist you love and admire, it's a great idea to get on the e-mail list and follow their blog too!

Visit Michelle on her website and on Etsy!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Creative Spaces for Kids

Now that our son is getting older, I see the need to start designing a play room (or in our case, play space, since we don't have an extra bedroom), near the living area where he can be safely explore and get into things on his own!

This playroom in particular is designed for older kids and is sort of a mini studio!  Perfect for budding artists, with room to store crafts, toys, painting supplies, and more!  The wall mounted storage containers {5} and {6} would be perfect for storing paper, crayons, pens or paint brushes!  {8} is used to keep a roll of paper for endless art fun!

This room uses a lot of similar items from the Arctic Expedition Nursery I did over on California Peach last year.  

As always links to items featured will be found at the bottom of each post.

Very excited to be launching Monday Posts on "Art in the Home!"  Please follow me here every Monday for Interior Design Inspiration, and throughout the week for Fine Art inspiration!!

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Looking Back | 2014 Favorites!

. . . . . . . .

My Favorite Style Boards of 2014!

Welcoming 2015 and it's adventures!!

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Say Hello to California Peach 2.0!

Just want to highlight a few changes around here!

You may have noticed I added the Mary Highstreet Studios laurel wreath design to the California PeachTM Blog Header.  My intent in starting California PeachTM was to bring you Interior Design from a Fine Art PerspectiveTM, and although starting out with exactly that and more, over the years I lost sight of the goal and focused more on interiors and less on fine art.  In bringing over the Studio symbol I want to solidify the connection California PeachTM has to Fine Art!  So this year keep an eye out for Fine Art posts , Style Boards that more prominently feature Fine Art & posts that link over to Mary Highstreet Studios Blog!!!

I also changed the layout a little bit to make the two blogs read seamlessly.

Visit the grey tabs at the top left to visit the Studio Blog.

I've added some Quick Links in the right hand column where you can find Style Boards Archived by Year, a list of Featured Artists, and visit California PeachTM on Social Media pages!

I've got lots of awesome content planned for you guys this year including New Style Board Designs, Giveaways, DIY's, Room Tours, and Fine Art Inspiration!!!

So take a look around and get ready for even more Interior Design, Fine Art, InspirationTM coming your way!!

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