Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tiki Room | Bathroom

 Loving this wallpaper by Hanson & Co.!  This board was inspired by the gorgeous photograph of the toucan and the brass hexagon towel ring.   Brass fixtures can be absolutely gorgeous with the right color scheme.   Here against all the black and kelly green and warm wood tones, brass fixtures work really well.   I was recently asked if it is okay to mix fixture materials/finishes, and here's my openion: I think it is okay to do as long as you have some unity.  Notice the fixture on the sink is not brass, but all the other fixtures shown are and I think it works.   In terms of unity I would recommend getting a brass towel bar to match the rest of the wall fixtures, like the one shown below:

  In this board, I was imagining the black wall color painted on a Craftsman style wall moulding.  I love Craftsman moulding!  The simplicity of it, with it's characteristic large planks and gaps, is a nice contrast to all the texture from the wallpaper.  Let's talk flooring:  I would go with a very dark gray or variegated black 12 x 24 tile and off set the layout.    A hexagon floor tile would be a nice touch also!  Be careful with solid black floor tiles and dark grout, it could make the room look awfully dark.  Whether you go with dark gray or black floor tiles get a contrasting grout like a medium to dark gray or lighter gray, as shown in the style board above.  White grout might be too striking, so toning it down is a good idea.  Using a contrasting grout will make sure there is some visible pattern/texture to the floor.  This bathroom with it's striking wallpaper and dark tones is not for the faint of heart.  In this case, go bold or go home!

 Hope you enjoyed this bathroom inspiration just as much as I do!

 Mix-and-match with these ideas from my Tiki Room pin board:

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10.  Ottoman

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