Monday, January 7, 2013

Eclectic Ostrich | Toddler Bedroom & My Plans!

I LOVE how this board turned out!!!  This bedroom would work best for a girl, but it's not overly girly.  You could easily use all the same decor and turn this into a boy's room by leaving out the ostrich wall paper and by choosing a masculine wall color or wall paper.  

I want to point out some of my very favorite accents in this board:  first, the Ostrich Wallpaper by Beware the Moon (shown in Pencil on Bone) (AWESOME!), the life sized animal plushies, especially the South African Fox {6} (I would have loved that as a kid, I was in love with foxes and animals with large batty ears), Life Sized Sugar Glider Plushie {3} (or you could just get the real thing!), and finally the "take it with you" Kids Art Wallet {15}!   The mid century furniture is a great touch too.  (Find all LINKS at the bottom)

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Style boards take 6+ hours to design from start to post, for this and other reasons, I have been slowing down on posting.  It's easy to get sucked into designing and totally neglect everything else.  So here's my plans:  I will be posting still, but not for a job, just for personal fun!  To keep things fun for me I will be posting less frequently and when I have inspiration that I must get out!  Great designs will be on the way, so hope you can check back now and then to see what's new.

As an artist, I also want to give more time to the field of Fine Art & Concept Design.  In the way of Fine Art, I am on the verge of creating some large scale narrative oil paintings.  And in the Concept Design field, right now I am working on a Top Secret Animated Film as a Background Artist!  (This is my dream job!)  Since it's still in production, I can't say too much about it, but I will be posting updates once it's been released to my website:  

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8.  Tate Bed


  1. Thanks for including my organic art wallet

  2. This is Wonderful ! Thank you

  3. Adorable! But only 6 hours? they take me DAYS! ;-)

    1. Thanks Katerina! Loved checking out your blog! I'm going to put it on my blog reader. :) Thanks for stopping by!


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