Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Eclectic Ostrich Revisited | Toddler Bedroom

This is a masculine version of the original more feminine Eclectic Ostrich  style board shown here.  I  also LOVE how this board turned out!  The punchy teal wall color really makes this a space fit for a little man.  

How I did it:  
1.  I used all the same decor with the exception of replacing the coral art tote for an ocean photograph {15}, and the geometric rug into a more simple/modern/masculine rug {18}. 

2.  I also left out the ostrich wall paper and replaced it with a dark masculine wall color.  

As in the other board, I want to re-point out my very favorite accents in this board:  first the turquoise wall color shown in "Dulce" by Mythic Paint Brand (non-toxic, 0VOC)!, the life sized animal plushies, especially the South African Fox {6} (I would have loved that as a kid, I was in love with foxes and animals with large batty ears), Life Sized Sugar Glider Plushie {3} (or you could just get the real thing!), and finally the painted antler {9}!   The mid century furniture is a great touch too.  (Find all LINKS at the bottom)

Also - this pillow cover would make a nice touch for either version of the room & it's currently on sale at West Elm!

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Wall Color | Dulce | by Mythic Paint
8.  Tate Bed

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