Monday, January 12, 2015

Swan Lake

A very sweet and serene room for a baby girl!

 I'm just in love with this gorgeous swan inspired baby room style board!   The soft muted colors with gold accents, classic tapestry-like textures and classical/traditional artworks give this room an elegant old-world feeling.  I got the idea for the orb pendant {13} from this image.   I would definitely recommend moving the crib away from the wall a couple feet if you're going to hang the large angel wings {3} behind it, and no matter what, have them out of reach and well secured to the wall.  Isn't that Cast Iron Crib {4} just gorgeous?!  As a bonus it can be displayed 3 ways!  It can also grow with your child: using this kit, it can be used to upgrade it to a toddler/day bed!  These adorable swan plushies, here and here, would go so well!

These leggings match the gorgeous swan fabric {9}.  I love the idea of baby ballet shoes!  We always thought baby shoes were so silly, but they when the socks came flying off, we started using them to keep the socks on!  I especially love these baby ballet slippers: {1} {2} {3} {4} {5}  AND this shop has a lot to choose from.

Just wanted to point out the stunning print of a classical art piece, "The Threatened Swan" {12}.  On this website you can zoom in and see the minute details (artists dream!!) as well as read about the history!

Page 2 is just another view or wall of this room.  It could also be used as play space inspiration and, with or without kids, it could double as a gorgeous entryway!

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