Monday, August 4, 2014

Baby Highstreet's Room Tour

Very excited to share with you our son's baby room!  Been very busy around here as you can imagine with a newborn, taking pictures and editing during naps leaves little time to work!  This room is based on my inspiration board, American Frontier, you can view it here.  We spend months putting together all the little touches and details!  The Hobby Horses were my siblings and mine growing up, aren't they so fun and quaint?  While we waited for our son's baby pictures, we placed pictures of Mom and Dad in the frames on the book shelves!

The original closet doors were way too boring and a real eyesore, so we decided to remove them and re-purpose the space, we turned part of it into a Reading Nook and reduced the closet to the right side.  The new closet space is concealed by a barn door (I have always wanted one in our house!), just enough space for a few clothes and storage below for our travel crib and stroller!  We came up with the idea around April and immediately got to work, we LOVE how it turned out!!  My husband Matt is so handy, he built the entire closet side, the barn door and shelving!  We loved the natural wood so much we decided not to paint it, plus the natural wood matches our IKEA dresser.

In the reading nook, I LOVE the Grand Canyon poster and also adore the swing arm sconce my husband installed!  I can't wait until our son is old enough to read and use the space.  I kept the shelving neat, organized and decorative - that way it is both functional and pretty to look at!  Aren't those baby shoes, adorable?!

The Coca-Cola crate we are using for stuffed animal storage for now, behind it is two vintage painting books I inherited from my Grandmother, they are very inspirational to me as a Fine Artist, just like my Grandmother did, I enjoy painting and looking at western landscapes!  Behind those is a vintage Saturday Evening Post magazine Nov. 1994 with cover art by a favorite artist of mine, Mead Schaffer!!!  :)   My husband and I DIY'd "horse hooks" for my bedroom previously, and I knew I wanted one for our son's room too, love how it turned out!  Above it hangs framed drawing of "Geese" that I drew in a Character Design class with David Coleman when I was at the Concept Design Academy in Los Angeles.

I especially love the wall above the dresser!  The framed "Hare" drawing I also drew in the Character Design class, I was so happy to include some of my own art in our son's room.  The "H" was used in our engagement photographs, and we re-strung it with a golden-brown ribbon, it is special to re-use it here.  The Convex Eagle Mirror, really adds a Colonial-Frontier feeling.  I especially LOVE the "He Is Risen" art print, a daily reminder of who we serve and give thanks to!  Our son enjoys intently looking at the hanging items on this wall when we are changing him.

I have seen these display book shelves before, and so I asked Matt to install them for me!  Can't wait for our son to use this also!   The lovely canvas storage baskets came from a wonderful Etsy seller, SplendidLoveShop, in Australia, just adore the gorgeous feather print!

Hope you enjoyed Baby Highstreet's "Frontier America" Room Tour!

I'm still on Maternity Leave, I hope this provides lots of creative inspiration in my absence!!

xo. m

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  1. Mary, Graham's room looks amazing! Well done. I'm glad you're enjoying the paint horse bookends. It's exciting to see them curated so beautifully!

    1. Thanks Lauren! So glad you got to take a look. We just LOVE the horse bookend! :)


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