Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Indie Love for a Girl & Bay Love for a Boy

I designed these rooms thinking about what decor I would want for my kids in the future!  Indie & Natural - I love the soft accents and playfulness of the girl's room AND in the boy's room I love the rugged yet romantic feel as well as San Francisco decor.  

For convenience, notice the same main furniture:  crib, dresser, pendant lamp, rug & mountain toy.  But change the paint color and surrounding decor for a very versatile room design!  :)  The light grey wash dresser {BL 8 & IL 12} would be very easy to DIY & save.

This room will grow with you & with your children!

I have two fine artists to recognize today: Anna-Wili Highfield & her paper sculptures {IL 1} - AMAZING artwork all done with paper, thread and lots of talent!  Also notice fine art original "Clearing" {IL 4} by artist Diana Jahns!  I work with Diana AND love everything that comes out of her studio!

Enjoy & vivre l'art!


Indie Love - for a Girl

2.  Painted Driftwood {1} {2}
10.  Teal Onsie

SF Bay Love - for a Boy

14.  Trolly Art

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