Thursday, June 14, 2012

Love A Pug - Play Room

My brother & sister-in-law recently adopted a Pug!!!
He is such a cuuuutie-pie!  
His name is Bennett - and everything he does is just so cute!!!

So this room is for Bennett!  

Just want to point out some fun things:  LOVE the silhouettes of the kids {2} {3} & the PUG MUG {7)!  Adds really a great bold graphic feeling, especially with the rich wall color & magenta accents!  ALSO, the linen upholstered bench {10} opens up for storage!  Perfect for blankets, toys, coloring books, you name it - great way to keep clean!  Frame or mount the PUG coasters {16} for extra wall decor or use them as is!


Check it out: today you get FREEBIES!  Two downloads, PUG MUG {7}
and PUG LOVE {8}.  I created them just for you - so download them below, print, and ENJOY!

1.  Right click images below & open in new tab
2.  Enlarge image by clicking with the zoom (+) tool
3.  Drag/download to desktop




PUG MUG original size is 11 x 14 - e-mail me to request an 8 x 10, if you like that size better.  

PUG LOVE original size is 10 x 26 -  because of the odd size you may have to DIY a frame or custom frame...

{printing}  you will need to take these to a printer (like Kinkos or Staples)

{framing} my advice, go simple with a square black (or magenta!) frame about 1" width.

Love A Pug -- LINKS

7.  PUG MUG - download  *see above
8.  PUG LOVE - download * see above

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