Monday, June 11, 2012

A Day at the Beach - Entryway

This room is consists mostly of pale turquoise hues and whites with subtle accents of red.  This entryway was inspired partly by the french bather bust {13} and partly by a desire to create a soft color palette.

I love how it turned out and even threw in a matching belt {9}!  

I especially LOVE the natural wood/seaweed-esq feel of the driftwood pendant lamp {3} - it's very expensive, so you could DIY it if you know how to weld & have access to driftwood... use the materials described here: {} or you could request a quote at the same website!  Or, if that's still to expensive... pick a different style, just remember to keep the simple linear quality and stay natural.

A wonderful way to greet your guests, and have a little indoor seaside getaway!


19.  White Bowl


  1. Nice collection, thank you for including my diver print!

  2. love this one Mary! You should you a Hawaii themed room!

    1. Thanks Rebecca! :) Good idea - have any photographs you want to sell? I would love to feature you & theme a room around your art! =D Let me know!!! I'll get something in the works.


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