Saturday, June 2, 2012

Parakeet Parlor

Natural and sweet, perfect for a parakeet's abode AND for you!

We own 4 parakeets and want to re-do their room sometime soon.  So I wanted to post a style board for it!!!  Whimsical and playful this would be a great room to relax in as well as to admire the birds.  Now notice the Tree Trunk Wall might think this would not be a good idea with parakeets.  BUT we have an idea!!!  Parakeets are still pets and messy sometimes, SO to solve the problem, my husband and I are getting a 32 x 32 in sheet of acrylic which we will mount directly behind the chage to save the wallpaper!  Mount them with "stand-offs" which you can buy at your local Tap Plastics.

Whether or not you have parakeets, this would make a lovely parlor!

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Parakeet Parlor 


10.  Mid Century Walnut Dresser - Find something similar on you local Craigslist!

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