Thursday, April 30, 2015

Once Upon A Cloud

Once Upon a Cloud Inspired Shared Space Style Board

Claire Keane is our Artist of the Month for April!  (Read our Artist of the Month post featuring Claire here.)  Claire is a Children's Book Illustrator and recently published her debut picture book, Once Upon a Cloud!  Being a big fan of Claire's work, I picked up a copy right away.  Let me tell you, it is fabulous cover to cover!

Above is my design of a shared room inspired by the book.  My favorite touch was adding the red dresses that are a close match to the one Celeste wears in the book.  With Spring in full bloom and Mother's Day coming up, this book would be a great read to introduce your children to the idea of giving gifts!

Once Upon a Cloud Children's Book by Claire Keane

If you haven't already I recommend picking up a copy, it's just a delightful story for children with equally delightful illustrations!

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WALLPAPER:  Stars Lavender

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