Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Arizona Inspired Master Guest Bedroom Style Board

I came up with this design for a Master or a Guest bedroom after being completely inspired by my first time visiting Arizona in early April. I feel a strong connection to Arizona and this style board, since my family has a history in Arizona. In Phoenix, we were able to travel to the sites where my dad grew up, and there was an uncanny feeling like I belonged there, an instant home away from home. I was mystified by the hot weather, the larger than I pictured Saguaro Cactus, the cotton tailed rabbits, and rocky terrain straight from Road Runner cartoons (thank you Warner Brothers). Everything is different there: completely different than California terrain. It is just like the paintings I fell in love with by Edgar Payne and like the ones pictured here by contemporary artists Bill Anton, Kevin Courter, Melinda Jose. Almost a world of it's own, unlike no other.

In addition to being inspired by our trip and my love of the Southwest depicted in paintings, it is also a calling to travel, a calling to get out. These hot dessert scenes are not just a dream, or mirage. It's absolutely unique, such gorgeous terrain that you must see for yourself! I hope you will have a chance to visit Arizona, and soon.

xo. m


ART: "Reading Sign" by Bill Anton
ART: "Transient Light, Grand Canyon" by Kevin Courter
ART: "Running Hare" Silkscreen by Melinda Josie
ART: "Horses" B&W Photograph by Lost on Purpose
Alexis Upholstered Bed
Louie XVI Dresser
Pearl Wing Chair
Samarkand Kilum Rug
Ceiling Bell Light shown in Antique Brass
10" Norwalk Sconce shown in Aged Brass
Garden City Wall Sconce shown in Solid Brass
Color Block Wall Tapestry
Bamboo-Jute Baskets
Southwestern Navy and Cream Pillow
Organic Ikat Stripe Sheets
Queen Ann Metallic Wallpaper shown in Blush
Cactus Jewelry Holder


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! A beautiful collection of items that I wouldn't have thought to put together but which you've proved are wonderful together! My favorite is the wallpaper you've chosen. It feels soft, feminine, old-fashioned, but at the same time modern. Well done! --Jen

    1. Hi Jen - Thank you!! I'm delighted to hear your thoughts, so glad you enjoyed the design! xo. Mary


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