Monday, October 8, 2012

A Natural | Dining Living Combo

I'm excited about this Board!  LOVE the natural and subtle
nature of it!  The neutral grays and browns are so refreshing.
This piece was mostly inspired by Featured Artist, 

Donald Satterlee {15}

Read about his art & inspiration below!

I was also inspired by the intricately embroidered
hoop featuring the Plumed Bird of Paradise {12}.

. . . . . . . .

NEW | I have discovered a new paint brand:

 It is AMAZING!  0 VOC, and NO Chemicals - I have also heard
great reviews of how it applies and acts just like other leading paint brands!

Definitely check out their website, 
and I will be doing a post on their paint in the near future!

Satterlee's "Fogscape" Series is AMAZING!  I especially LOVE
the Featured Photograph {15}, you must stop by his studio to see it
in print - It is enormous!  The size is almost life-sized-tree AND
it's just stunning for this work!  Any print of this well loved
series would make a wonderful addition to your private collection!

Be sure to visit Satterlee online:


At his Studio Space:

Happy Decorating!


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