Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mermaids | Shared Toddler Bedroom

I'm very excited to unveil this shared toddler space!  What little girl doesn't love mermaids?  

Being a Fine Artist who is also interested in Visual Development for Animation, I have a love of Visual Development Art, Style Sheets & Pre-Production artwork.  That being said, I want to point out the three AMAZING pre-pro artworks in this board!  

I've been a long time fan of Chris Sanders, a Visual Development Artist with various other talents, who has had his creative work in numerous animated films.  Chris Sanders work is most recognizable, I believe, in Disney's "Lilo & Stitch".  The Comic-Con Mermaid {7} is by Chris Sanders, and is available for purchase on DeviantArt!  I absolutely LOVE this Mermaid painting of his in particular.  For more on Chris Sanders work check out his Website & IMDB pages.

The other two works shown here are, Mermaids Style Sheet for Disney's "Peter Pan" {14} (a style sheet, incase you were wondering, is created to help animators know the exact proportions and shapes that embody a specific character) and Pre-Production Rough Character Sketches of Ariel {15} done by famous artist/animator Glen Keane for Disney's "The Little Mermaid. " I absolutely love Glen Keane's work!  I can't get enough.  

Side note, this weekend I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Claire Keane, daughter to Glen Keane, at the "Women In Animation" a Panel Discussion at the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco!!!  Claire is also an amazing Illustrator and Visual Development Artist who's work was most prominently featured in Disney's "Tangled"!  (Side Side-Note, the event was so popular it was moved to a larger venue at Lucas Arts, specifically at the Letterman Digital Arts Center - we were greeted with a fountain toped with Yoda, and inside stood the original Darth Vader & Boba Fett Suits, not to mention Lightsabers!!!  We were so lucky!)  The event was spectacular!  I was so inspired at the event and gleaned so much wonderful knowledge from the four women artists speaking.  I was pretty much star struck at the event and for days after.  Be sure to follow Claire on her Blog and Website!

Read more about the event on my Art Blog!

Some images from our trip:

. . . . . . . . . 

Lots of wonderful color pops here, especially the gorgeous Jenny Lind Bed Frames {10}.  I wanted to keep it simple and striking, so I kept some minimal black accents.  I even threw in an adorable Mermaid Infant Gown {17} incase you wanted to make this room into a nursery.

Also check out this great way to utilize/re-purpose the Ikea Raskog Kitchen Cart {20}:

Check out more Mermaid inspiration on my Pin Board!

Hope you are inspired!!!

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*Some of these items can be made organic on request.


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