Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shutterfly Personalized Address Labels

Have some fun non-board inspiration today!

Just ordered these gorgeous address labels, compliments of Shutterfly.  Can't wait to address envelopes with these!

. . . . . .

I took this picture of our son at 3 months, can't get over those curled up toes!  3 months is definitely my favorite so far - our son is so easy to entertain: he smiles at his and my reflection in every mirror, consistently grabs and plays with toys, and generally enjoys looking at everything!  The dogs have definitely become a focal point, especially when they wrestle!  Fetch is also completely mesmorizing, and not just for the dogs.  

Our son simply LOVES his organic scrappy dog from Under the Nile (pictured here), and so do I, what great colors -- thanks Lynn!

xo. m

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