Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Living Room With Invaluable

I recently discovered a wonderful new website for buying Fine Art Originals and other items,  They have unique art pieces, antiques and and more for sale.  Best of all, a majority of their paintings are signed originals!  (I even found two original Edgar Payne paintings!!!!  I'm in heaven!)  In this post, I designed a Style Board around a work of Original Art from Invaluable.  I was able to browse their selection and pick a painting that inspired me.  The piece I picked is an original unsigned oil painting called "Portrait of a Cavalier" by Daniel Mytens the Elder {9}, c. 1629.  Visit Invaluable's painting page here for more great works of art.

As far as contemporary originals go, small pieces start at around $800 (which was the price of this piece at auction when I started writing).  This painting is a different category altogether, being a priceless antique, but I just wanted to give you a frame of reference if you are unfamiliar with shopping for original paintings.   This artwork in particular is incredible beautiful, a nice size AND it comes with a gorgeous frame!!  Anyone can buy a print for $20, but owning an original, with real paint and canvas - it's priceless!!  There's nothing like getting up close and personal to an original painting with the thick paint, visible brush strokes, luscious texture and details.  I know it can seem expensive and daunting at first, but saving up is so worth it!  Plus it's like having a museum in your living room!

I designed this room specifically around this work of art {9}.  I wanted to keep the feeling moody and dark, so I chose a dark blue paint color.  I brought out the gold of the frame as well as the green and raw umber tones in the clothing into these two pillows {4} & {6}, and the rug {15}.  I also tied the wall color into the rug {15} and into this pillow {5}.  The blue pillow adds a nice contrast and pop with it's pattern of light and dark and really compliments the wall color.  I kept the wood cabinet {7} and leather chair {11} dark, to keep the moody feeling.  The rug {15}, with it's texture and filigree, and the Lyre {13} both have lighter tones which accent the gilded frame.  This would be an excellent room to display guitars in for those with a musical touch.  Loving the Cast Iron Switch Plate Cover {1}, and the worn Vintage Cream Can {16} (which could also be used to store umbrellas!)

Stop by Invaluable to see what other amazing antique art finds they have to offer!

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