Thursday, October 8, 2015

Boo-nana Pops

Boo-Nana Pops

My son LOVES popsicles, and I love healthy and creative snack ideas.  So when I saw a tutorial for Boo-Nana-Pops, I knew it was on our October to-do list!  We followed this recipe, but used organic yogurt instead.  We bought a large container of Clover brand vanilla flavor yogurt (tip: be sure to check the expiration date at the store, yogurts have a fast turn over).  Since we used yogurt instead of chocolate, I was worried it would take a couple layers of dipping, but it was thick enough to only need one dip and look how gorgeous they turned out!!

Easy, fun, and rewarding I recommend trying these yourself!

Here are some more Halloween snack ideas,
and if you are extra ambitious -
follow my pinboard for year round creative food inspiration!

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I hope you get to try out some creative Halloween/Fall food ideas
& if you do, be sure to share your experience and a picture with us in the comments below!

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