Monday, July 9, 2012

James Bond 007 - Bathroom


I can't look at this room without the 007 Theme Song 
playing in the background - and I LOVE it!

The Mission:  Italy.

The two items that were the inspiration for this room are

ALSO - check out the Vintage Martini Shaker {14} - 
you can use it for a cue-tip/cotton ball holder!  
(...AND find a vintage {metal martini shaker} for a drinking glass!)


For more 007ness - check out these fantastic items:

{clock} - Explosive look-alike! - NIXI TUBE CLOCK

Your guy(s) are sure to love this!


12.  Towel Ring


  1. Replies
    1. Did you see the Nixi Tube Clock??!! {in the comments - under "For more 007ness..."} TOTALLY awesome! I think it looks like a bomb or explosive. Love the contrast of the Vintage Italian with the totally contemporary high-tech looking clock! ;)


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