Monday, July 30, 2012

Little Sloth - Nursery / Baby Room

This board is inspired by the Sloth Necklace {1} of course!
the Wardrobe Style Board "Teal & Citrus" {previous post}.

Bright and fun, this nursery is sure to be a
 lively abode for your special little someone!

Below are some super cute Sloth accessories
that go with this room - be sure to check them out!

. . . . . .

Thanks & Enjoy!

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"Little Sloth" LINKS

3.  Mid Century Walnut Dresser - Find something similar on your local Craigslist.

"Little Sloth"Accessories LINKS


  1. This is super cute -- what an original idea for a nursery! I'm not even pregnant, and I want to create this! :-P

    I really appreciate you sharing my crochet sloth hat -- it's the perfect thing to wear when rocking sweet baby to sleep. :)

    1. haha - thank you for the great compliments!! That is such a cute hat and I am delighted to feature it! If I had a kid I would totally want to get one for them! :) Thanks again & hope you keep checking back for more inspiration! - Mary


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